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Hosting Myths And Misnomers About Virtual Private Servers

A virtual private server is computer server that is used to host websites and other online internet applications. Though this computer may host other websites, it serves as a local server to its users, providing individual customers with services they require and match their needs.

One major myth doing the rounds is that search engines can differentiate between a website on a private server and one on a public server and this will affect the ratings of the website on search results.The full explanation can be found at This actually is not the case and Google as well as other search engines will not detect this and neither will the rankings on the results be affected.

Another myth about virtual servers ask internet users to avoid web hosts offering small packages. The myths claim that users will not get enough space and storage facilities for their websites. This is not necessarily true. Most websites do not even use a tenth of storage space allotted to them. Average websites use about 10MB of space or less and 10GB of bandwidth per month. Most space offered is usually more than enough so this is just but a myth.

Yet others say that companies with no phone support systems should be avoided. There are a number of good web hosting providers operating virtual private servers and serve their customers really well via online methods such as chat, email and other forms of communication.

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