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Tips To Help Secure Your Virtual Private Server

If you want to know how to secure your virtual private server, you have a few options available. On windows server, you can actually run everything as the Administrator. This is because you will not be able to run some of the things at certain times. You shouldn’t run everything long term, especially if you are running a game or voice server. You should consider creating a user that will do the task. You should also consider using difficult passwords, that will be very hard for someone else to guess, and also very hard for you to remember.Additional information can be found at You should also consider changing your SSH port to something that is totally random and write it down, so you can remember it. People would be less likely to guess it, if it is something random, and nothing to do with you in particular. This will bring your security up very quickly, so you should follow through will all of these tips. If you think you may need guidelines on how to do something, you can follow in with many different sources online. They can guide you through these steps so you can ensure your security on your VPS safely and securely.

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